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Only 5 Ingredients

🐝fermented coffee beans

🐝virgin coconut oil,

🐝shea butter

🐝 phytoceramides

🐝 turbanado sugar blend


vegan 🦋 cruelty free 🦋 simple 🦋 all natural 🦋 local 🦋 small batch 🦋handmade


✈️Ships Worldwide from United States


🕹1. Treats Acne


🕹2. Tightens Skin


🕹3. Relieves Dark Circles under Knees


🕹4. Moisturizes


🕹5. Fights Aging


🕹 6. Anal Rejuvenation Enema Base

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OmbreLox™ is a Clean & Green ecoLuxe Skin Line known for driving high quality products into the skin with the latest technologies. No parabens, PEGS, or phthalates. No sulphates or silicones. No mineral oil, no glycols, no DEA or TEA. We've created a skin cell nutrient system to combat a multitude of skin care issues from aging to acne. The core of our philosophy is ageless skin simplicity.