#BLACKASSTAN SPRAY by OmbrèLox™ Skincare

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#BlackAssTan Spray
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     Want a deep Afrocentric tan without sun damage or oompaloopah toxic chemical colors? Then pop open a bottle of our #blackasstan self-tanner and become an instant Melanin Rich Babe. Unlike most self-tanners, our products do not contain DHA or other nasty chemicals. We instead use natural ingredients at the highest concentration quickly to darken your skin for a beautiful golden bronzy, chocolate color that will have all your friends wondering what island beach you've been visiting. We can turn a Peyton Manning into a Reggie Bush, an Anna Kornikova into Serena Williams, a Drake into a Meek Mills, Iggy Azealea into Azealia Banks, or Lisa Vanderpump into Cynthia Bailey, Taylor Swift into FKA Twigs, Trump into Kanye, or for the old school beauties ---we can turn a Bo Derrick into a Grace Jones. The list goes on and on and the possibilities are endless.
     Maybe you just want to highlight, contour, and or sculpt a few target areas; then just do selective spot treatments. Also BTW, If you're naturally a sun kissed dark and lovely, then you can use this spray to sculpt abs and pecs, define calf muscles, hide cellulite, make your cleavage pop, contour makeup to the Gawds and so on and so on. #BlackAssTan Spray is suitable for all skin tones.
     Our Famous Anti-aging self tanner is a black chai scented dark sunless tanning spray that has been field tested and has received rave reviews from many of our most loyal customers as well as beauty bloggers from around the world. Our goal was to make the silkiest golden black self tanner available anywhere.







🦋NO - Added Fragrance
🦋NO - Parabens
🦋NO - Pheno-Xyethanols
🦋NO - Sodium Laureth Lauryl Sulfates
🦋NO - Trieth-Anolamines
🦋NO - Stearic Acids
🦋NO - Mineral Oils
🦋NO - Animal Testing

*Please note: OmbrèLox™ Skincare products come with detailed instructions for application so you can get the best look.

Lightly apply to the areas you wish to tan. Rub in smoothly and evenly. Your tan will develop slowly over 4-6 hours. For a darker tan you may reapply. Avoid direct application to your knees, elbows, and ankles. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap for AT LEAST 30 seconds after application to avoid overly tanned palms and wrists.

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OmbreLox™ is a Clean & Green ecoLuxe Skin Line known for driving high quality products into the skin with the latest technologies. No parabens, PEGS, or phthalates. No sulphates or silicones. No mineral oil, no glycols, no DEA or TEA. We've created a skin cell nutrient system to combat a multitude of skin care issues from aging to acne. The core of our philosophy is ageless skin simplicity.