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OmbrèLox™ Aesthetics = Ancient Herbs / Futuristic Techniques

"My Mom and I love OmbreLox they have an aesthetic third eye and an clairvoyant intuition for beauty. Our time and money is always well spent at OmbrèLox."

Kinsey L.

"The micro-current facial feels like legions of teeny tiny humming birds kissing my face. It's an absolutely fabulous experience. I also recommend the body wraps and spray tanning to make the best impression possible for your upcoming special events."

Dr. Michael Guidi

"Really, I had zero beliefs or

expectations that it could

work; but 6 months of the

OmbreLox Facial

Acupuncture treatments

have me looking younger

than any of my Botox loving

nip/tuck loving friends. I

look better; so by default I

feel better."

Ms. Bernadette - Cooper City, Florida

     "I'm doubling up on my money since all of my cellulite is long gone thanks to their Sexpresso® Booty Scrub. This must be the look that Beyoncé was talking about in that throwback song "Bootylicious".

     I'm a top feature dancer at KOD in Miami and I keep a jar of this at the club and also one at home. The smell reminds me of the expensive German chocolate cake scented body scrub stuff that they used on me at the spa inside the Atlantis. It also fades C-section/stretch mark scars and in a pinch can be used on your feet with loofah for an instant pedicure." -🔥🔥🔥🔥


"My lovely wife and I received samples of the #BlackAssTan Spray at some event in Miami. I forgot all about it until my wife packed them and some other gift bag items on our 35th wedding anniversary trip to Ibiza. We're in our 70's and we both looked amazing from head-to- toe because this new self tanning spray that I'd never heard of before. Anyway it's incredible and we've ordered more. This stuff repairs cracked skin, firms and hydrates, all while hiding any flaws that we would have otherwise be very self-conscious of."

Ivan and Svetlana Pavlov


Gift card

Want to please a close one but do not know which color to choose? The OmbrèLox™ Gift Card is the perfect i